Traus SUS10

Traus SUS10 Ultrasonic & Implant Unit



Product Description

This ultrasonic surgical equipment is designed for osteo plastic amputation as well as dental implant surgery.


• TRAUS XUS10 facilitates the surgeon’s work: thanks to innovative ultrasound technology,
only bone substance is resected with high precision. The surrounding soft tissue remains uninjured.
• Own piezo technology enables optimized performance with powerful output
• Bone heating is avoided or minimized by injecting saline water at Max. 90ml/min speed.
• TRAUS XUS10 make various operation easy including Crestal approach, Sinus lift
Ridge expansion, Bone harvesting, Bone craft, window open, and many others.
• Multifunctional and ergonomic foot swich design
• You can easily operate handpiece and saline water supply with the foot switch.
• Simple and mordern design
• Minimized bone heating


• BLCD motor (Speed Range 0~ 40,000rpm) and Angle
(Standard equipment 20:1/ 32:1) provide the optimum torque in surgery.
• 9 Programs memory function
• Automatic overload protection function
If the load on the bur is higher than preset torque,
the motor stops automatically and shows Error on the display.
• Actual RPM and Torque display function
• Motor Auto-calibration function

For product specifications, handpiece options, and other information, click here.

Additional Information

Weight 7.94 lbs
Dimensions 13.7 x 18.9 x 5.6 in


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