Bone Graft Kit-BBGKS


Product Description

The Bone Graft Kit includes a number of essential dental instruments to be used in the placement of allograft to the surgical site. There is no more accurate way to ensure replicable packing and placement of your bone grafting materials. This kit includes packers and carriers with serrated titanium tips:

● 1033 Graft Packer 1.0/1.4mm
● 1032 Graft Packer 1.7/2.0mm
● 1033 Graft Packer 2.4/2.7mm
● 1034 Graft Packer 3.3/4mm
● 1035 Bone Carrier
● 1036 Graft/Carrier
● 6065 Cassette

Additional Information

Weight 1.32 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 4.125 x 1 in