Bone Grafting Material

Bone grafting material has become an essential component of effective dental surgery. Decades ago, jawbones that had shrunk typically required elaborate surgical techniques to support dentures and other devices. Today we use allograft and xenograft substances for the very same purpose.

Bone grafting materials add mass and stability to a surgical site, creating a scaffold for the body to rebuild its own natural bone. Over a period of months and years, the original grafting material dissolves, leaving behind new bone generated by the patient’s body. Once this bone has stabilized, the dental surgeon can install permanent dental implants that require a solid base to work properly.

Here at Surgikor, we specialize in bone grafting materials for a variety of surgical settings and applications. Our cancellous bone graft materials offer a smaller particle size for rapid ingrowth, while our cortical demineralized bone graft materials offer greater strength and stability. Add in Steriflex wrappable products and a number of related products, and you get a full suite of allograft options for any dental surgery practice.

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