Implant Seminars

Implant Placement

This is a course that is dedicated for newcomers to implant dentistry.  The curriculum is designed to provide dentists with an essential understanding of implant placement and bone grafting procedures.  The details of the course include lectures, workshops, and live demonstrations involving a surgery.  Dentists work with various models where they can experiment with surgical techniques.  Read more

Bone Grafting

Through this course, dentists can learn scientific and surgical techniques to perform advanced bone grafting procedures.  The course is expanded through a series of lectures, workshops, and collaborative instruction.  Dentists will receive training on diagnosing and planning for bone grafting procedures as well.  Advanced imaging techniques are also provided to dentists attending the course.  The primary objective is to provide dentists with the expertise to perform comprehensive bone grafting treatments.  Read more

Implant Restoration

The implant restoration course provides dentists with the understanding and knowledge to prepare an efficient treatment plan for dental implants. Through this program, dentists will learn techniques to create effective dentures and accurate restorations involving the design of the crown.  The course covers correct restoration design and occlusion techniques.  Read more

Soft Tissue Surgery

The soft tissue surgery course covers restorations that utilize surrounding soft tissue.  The program introduces dentists to the background and surgical techniques involved in performing soft tissue surgery.  With the completion of this course, dentists will learn the fundamentals involved in providing an efficient treatment plan of treating esthetic cases.  Read more

Dental Implant Course

Hands-on dental implant training is provided to dentists to provide them with the essential fundamentals in providing successful implant procedures.  This course is centered for dentists who are relatively unfamiliar to dental implant procedures.  The core curriculum is provided through a combination of lectures, workshops, and live demonstrations.  Dentists will learn surgical techniques such as atraumatic extractions, socket grafting, membranes, and implant procedures.  Read more