Angled Osteotome Kit
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Angled Osteotome Kit


Product Description

This angled osteome kit offers superior mobility during dental implant surgery, allowing dental surgeons to reach destinations with ease. Contains five sturdy osteomes at varying lengths from 2.0 mm offset to 5.0 mm offset.


● 3030OA Osteotome 2.7mm Offset Concave
● 3031OA Osteotome 2.0mm Offset Concave
● 3032OA Osteotome 3.5mm Offset Concave
● 3033OA Osteotome 4.3mm Offset Concave
● 3034OA Osteotome 5.0mm Offset Concave
● 6065 Cassette

Additional Information

Weight 1.54 lbs
Dimensions 8.125 x 3.625 x 1 in