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Cortical Cancellous, Cortical Demineralized, and Cancellous

Cortical Cancellous Bone

Cortical Cancellous Bone is indicated in cases where the clinician requires a graft with the HA (hydroxyapatite) component of autologous bone.

Cortical cancellous bone is applicable in cases where a scaffold and longer resorption is required. It can be used alone or with a mixture of autogenous bone in order to increase the osteoindictive properties of the graft.

As with all our allograft materials, the bone is prepared to stringent standards and is accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks.

Cortical Demineralized Bone

Demineralized bone grafts have been used extensively in orthopedic and oral maxillofacial surgery as an alternative to autogenous bone. Demineralized bone matrix is a derivative of allograft bone. It is prepared by pulverization of allogenic bone to a consistent size, followed by mild acid extraction of the mineralized phase of bone.

Due to the removed of the HA component, potential grown factors are exposed. This graft reabsorbs quicker and is less dense than mineralized grafts. This graft can be used in combination with mineralized graft or a calcium sulfate carrier in a wide variety of dental surgical procedures.

Cancellous Bone

Cancellous particulate bone encourages the ingrowth of bone vessels containing pre-osteoblastic cells and mesenchymal cells which are necessary for the formation of new bone. Cancellous bone acts as a scaffold for cellular ingrowth and supports the newly formed cells for rapid bone formation.

Depending on the particle size, it can be used in situations where a more rapid resorbing graft needs to be utilized. When used alone, it provides all the necessary ingredients to support new, rapid bone formation. It’s an excellent allograft for use in periodontal defects due to its smaller particle size.

When used in combination with cortical bone, the graft helps promote bone formation in sinus lift application’s as well as promoting bone regeneration for socket preservation procedures.

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Cortical Cancellous, Cortical Demineralized, Cancellous


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