straight ridge expansion kit

Straight Ridge Expansion Kit


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Product Description

An easy and safe way to expand ridges for dental implant devices, ridge expanders let you forgo the mallet and give patients a less traumatic procedure. Rotational motion in graduated increments increases bone mass and reduces the chance of mistakes. This kit includes the following sizes:

● 3031SX Ridge Expansion 2.0mm Straight Convex
● 3032SX Ridge Expansion 3.5mm Straight Convex
● 3033SX Ridge Expansion 4.3mm Straight Convex
● 3034SX Ridge Expansion 5.0mm Straight Convex
● 3035SX Ridge Expansion 5.5mm Straight Convex

Additional Information

Weight 1.54 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 4.125 x 1 in