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Dental Implants Still Growing Year Over Year

We have written before about how dental implants are transforming the dental profession, and why demand for dental surgery instruments continues to explode. One principal reason is because dental implantology gets better every year: today you can avail yourself of cutting edge tools such as digital surgical guides and pure bone grafting materials.

This recent report says it all about the coming surge in Europe and Asia for these products:

Titanium based dental implant is the largest market by materials and is expected to grow at a CAGR of about 9.8% from 2014 to 2020.

Typically we see a concomitant rise in U.S. sales and demand, driven by the same worldwide interest in affordable and permanent solutions for edentulous mouths.

If you’d like to get your hands on outstanding dental instruments including surgical motors, scalpels, kits and grafting supplies, contact the dental instrument pros at Surgikor today.

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Collagen Membranes for Dental Surgery

At Surgikor, we spend a lot of time keeping up to date on the very latest developments in dental implant surgery, general oral surgery, and the tools and techniques of bone grafting.

This page caught our eye because it offers a clear description of how barrier membranes are used during oral surgery, and where the materials come from that help oral surgeons to aid bone regeneration without fear of infection or complications.

Because collagen membranes are absorbable, they make aftercare much simpler, continuing to aid in healing and bone stabilization for many weeks without any need for additional visits:

Collagen absorbable barrier membranes do not require surgical removal, inhibit migration of epithelial cells, promote the attachment of new connective tissue, are not strongly antigenic and prevent blood loss by promoting platelet aggregation leading to early clot formation and wound stabilization.

Our collagen membranes for dental surgery meet strict standards for quality, consistency and sterility. If your practice requires safe and reliable barrier membranes for use in surgical techniques including dental implantology, please browse our online dental surgery store today.

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Why Allograft Dental Bone Grafts Are Safe

It is an evergreen question in the field of dental surgery and implantology: are allografts safe?

It’s not hard to imagine why this concern comes up so often; to many people, the notion of receiving tissue from another person sounds like a transplant, even if that tissue is no longer living. Thankfully the answer is both simple and complete, as reported by the CDC:

Both FDBA and DFDBA materials are widely used in periodontal therapy and there are no reports of disease transmission during the 30-year history of using freeze-dried bone allografts. . . . It is important to note . . . that fresh-frozen and fresh allografts are not typically used in periodontal therapy. Also, when using FDBA and DFDBA, the delay in processing ensures adequate time for testing for potential pathogens.

At Surgikor, our bone grafting material and allograft products exceed the highest standards of sterility, selection and consistency. Your patients can rest easier knowing they are receiving the vanguard in dental surgical materials.

To learn more and begin shopping for a safe allograft product today, please visit our online store.

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When Dental Surgery Makes All the Difference

It is easy in the field of dental surgery to forget that the procedures and advances we develop change more than teeth; they can change lives as well, sometimes profoundly.

Such is the case with this recent news video, which tells the story of a daughter who is reaching out to save her mother’s smile through dental surgery:

At Surgikor, we are proud to offer dental professionals the tools they need to make a lasting difference in the lives of their patients, from bone grafting materials to collagen products. These are dental instruments created with extraordinary precision and care, which is why so many of our clients come back for repeat orders.

To get your hands on the building blocks for life-changing dental surgery, we invite you to start your search here.

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Get the Facts on Allograft Bone Grafts, Collagen Products and More

Here at Surgikor, we are constantly looking for new ways to provide valuable information. We’re currently rewriting each of our product descriptions to help you find exactly which dental instruments you need, and we frequently post videos to teach our clients about those products.

The link to our video page is here; it includes plenty of how-tos and background information for dental surgery tools of every sort, including this popular bone expander kit:

To learn more about everything from cortical cancellous bone grafts to pericardium products, feel free to browse our complete collection of dental instruments today.

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The Exploding Market for Bone Grafting Material

It has long been known that dental bone grafting has made significant inroads over legacy techniques such as dentures. Bone grafting represents a more permanent approach, with fewer complications and vastly improved convenience.

Now a new report underlines just how quickly this industry is growing:

The global dental bone graft substitutes and other biomaterials market was valued at USD 0.46 billion in 2013 and is expected to grow at a Compounded Annual growth Rate of 10.6% during the forecast period 2014 to 2020 to reach a market value of USD 0.88 billion by 2020.

There has never been a better time to outfit your dental practice to meet this exploding demand.

At Surgikor, we are proud to offer some of the world’s finest bone grafting materials, allograft bone grafts, cortical cancellous bone grafts and more. Check out our full selection to learn more about our popular products. And when you’re ready to purchase, don’t hesitate to ask the dental instrument experts at Surgikor today.

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Dental Implant Inventor Dies

A pioneer in the field of dental implants passed away this month. Dr. Per-Ingvar Branemark died in Sweden from an apparent heart attack at the age of 85.

Renowned for his work in dental surgery, bone grafting materials and dental implantology, Dr. Branemark discovered more or less by accident that the body doesn’t reject titanium as it does most materials. This discovery soon led him to develop the first modern dental implants.

As the New York Times put it, Branemark’s invention has helped many millions of people lead more productive and comfortable lives:

Implants have been a major advance in dentistry, liberating millions of elderly people from painful, ill-fitting dentures, a diet of soft foods and the ignominy of a sneeze that sends false teeth flying out of the mouth.

And the spread of Branemark’s dental anchor system soon led to a new secondary industry for dental materials, including Allograft bone grafts, cortical cancellous bone grafts, collagen products and many more. It wasn’t long before Branemark’s breakthrough was felt throughout all of medicine:

Titanium implants have spread well beyond dentistry: Osseointegration is now used in medical and veterinary applications.

At Surgikor, we proudly offer hundreds of products for use in bone grafts and dental surgery. To get started with some of the finest dental instruments in the nation, visit our shopping pages today.

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Rebuilding the Jaw for Dental Implants

One of the great frustrations of implant dentistry is that often there is insufficient jawbone remaining to support the implant. Doctors and researchers have investigated a number of workarounds for this common problem, but it wasn’t until this month that trials had shown promising results from stem cell therapy:

The researchers worked with a 45-year-old woman missing seven front teeth plus 75% of the bone that once supported them, the result of a blow to her face five years earlier. She was left with severe functional and cosmetic deficiencies, since the missing bone eliminated the possibility for dental implants.

After stem cell treatment under strict protocols, the researchers conducted a followup assay, noting with some enthusiasm how much viable material had grown back in:

Four months after cell therapy, cone-beam CT and a bone biopsy were completed, and oral implants were placed to support an engineered dental prosthesis. The researchers found that 80% of her missing jawbone had been regenerated, which allowed surgeons to place oral implants that supported a dental prosthesis, giving her a complete set of teeth again.

This is an encouraging result, and one which could help countless patients with craniofacial deficits to recover more typical form and function.

To learn more about implant dentistry and the many tools and materials you need to do this work well, please contact the bone grafting and dental instrument experts at Surgikor today.

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The New York Times on the Benefits of Dental Implants

A recent piece in the New York Times discussed the various economic roadblocks faced by many people in search of long-lasting dental care. Among other things, the article also addressed the myriad benefits of dental implants:

Implants are an economic impossibility for some patients, said Beth Truett, chief executive of Oral Health America. But, “If they can afford it, they are a great solution to maintaining not only that tooth, but the teeth around it.” A full set of teeth for an adult is 28 (32 if you still have your wisdom teeth), and you should have at least 22 teeth to eat properly, she said. Once a tooth is lost, nearby teeth bear additional strain and it gets more difficult to chew; that leads to a cycle of poor nutrition and further tooth loss, she said.

This is precisely the reason why dental implants remain a swift business for many dental surgeons: they remain an indispensable element of good overall health:

Patients who are in their 80s, but who are fit and have a healthy lifestyle, can benefit from technologically advanced dental care “because it is estimated that they will have another 10-15 years of life span,” Helena Tapias-Perdigón, an assistant professor at the Baylor College of Dentistry at Texas A&M Health Science Center, said in an email.

Here at Surgikor, we offer a full suite of products to keep your practice up to date with the latest techniques, technologies and materials, including:

Feel free to browse the full catalog here, and don’t hesitate to contact our experts if you have any questions. As more and more people come under the protection of good insurance, the market for dental implants is only going to grow.

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Know Your Dental Instruments

It is a strange day in the world of dental instruments when these professional medical devices become the subject of a government sting. But that is precisely what happened when officials in the UK seized many thousands of counterfeit dental devices recently en route to online retailers such as eBay and Amazon:

The illegal products, ranging from drills to radiography systems, were counterfeit copies of major brands or substandard with fake documentation, according to the MHRA. Among the items seized were handpiece drills that could malfunction and disintegrate in patients’ mouths, dental x-ray systems that emit high levels of radiation, and root canal files that could break.

It isn’t hard to imagine why such a market might arise: dental tools such as bone grafting material and collagen products can be expensive, and with good reason. These are medical grade materials designed to heal without harming, and in some cases, to remain indefinitely in the body.

All the more reason to exercise caution and to purchase only from dental material provides you know and trust:

“Dentists must source their dental equipment from reputable suppliers. Purchasing from auction websites and being unable to verify the integrity of the seller has the potential to increase risks to patients and cause reputational damage to the dental profession,” Jeffrey said.

To get started with the finest dental implant supplies in the country today, contact the pros at Surgikor.

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Welcome to the Surgikor Blog!

Welcome to our new blog! We know that many of our customers come back often to check on the latest supplies, products and solutions. This blog is our chance to expand your knowledge about these products, and to help guide you toward some outstanding resources on bone grafting and other dental procedures.

Dental instruments are always evolving, and the medical technologies we all use are constantly in flux. This blog is your place to review the latest news, events, ideas and products throughout the world of implant dentistry. Along the way we’ll address some current events and stories we think you might find interesting.

Feel free to drop us a line anytime with questions or comments. We believe this site should be a collaborative resource for professionals who want to advance their knowledge of dental instruments. Feel free to check back often, and welcome aboard!