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Why Allograft Dental Bone Grafts Are Safe

It is an evergreen question in the field of dental surgery and implantology: are allografts safe?

It’s not hard to imagine why this concern comes up so often; to many people, the notion of receiving tissue from another person sounds like a transplant, even if that tissue is no longer living. Thankfully the answer is both simple and complete, as reported by the CDC:

Both FDBA and DFDBA materials are widely used in periodontal therapy and there are no reports of disease transmission during the 30-year history of using freeze-dried bone allografts. . . . It is important to note . . . that fresh-frozen and fresh allografts are not typically used in periodontal therapy. Also, when using FDBA and DFDBA, the delay in processing ensures adequate time for testing for potential pathogens.

At Surgikor, our bone grafting material and allograft products exceed the highest standards of sterility, selection and consistency. Your patients can rest easier knowing they are receiving the vanguard in dental surgical materials.

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