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One More Endorsement for Allograft Bone Grafting

We have cited this blog before, as it offers a uniquely lucid approach to many of the stickiest question in dental surgery. This recent answer covers the issue of bone grafting materials for dental implants and procedures, and ends with a simple distillation of the available options:

Q: The enhancement of healing of an extraction site can be done with many materials and sutures, including Gelfoam (maybe with a little tetracycline powder), collagen plug, Foundation bone enhancement by J. Morita, Bioplant by Kerr, grafting with bone material (allograft, autograft, xenograft), collagen membrane, and so on. It seems that dentists use code D7953 for any of those. My question: Is there more than one code for these procedures?

A: There is only one code, and the nomenclature says it is a bone graft for ridge preservation, so bone must be used. It can be an allograft or autograft.

The difference between these approaches is basic, of course: allografts come from other people, while autografts repurpose the body’s own bone tissue.

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