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Buy PGA Sutures for Dental Implant Surgery

Polyglycolic acid sutures are coated polymer sutures which are ideal for dental surgery procedures such as dental implantology. Unlike traditional materials, PGA sutures are made of glycolide, which aids in absorption and healing, offering far greater comfort and stability to the patient.

Here at Surgikor, we offer a wide range of PGA sutures, disposables, bone grafting materials and other dental surgery instruments. Our commitment to quality in products and service is simply unmatched, which is why today we are the leading dental surgery store in Southern California.

If you’re looking for sutures, scalpels or anything else for your dental practice, contact the experts at Surgikor today.

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Dental Implant Supplies in California

Dental implant surgery requires a number of tools, from bone grafting materials to sinus lift equipment. Preparing the surgical site can be a lengthy process, as the surgeon is often required to add bone mass and stability for a perfect, lasting fit.

Dental implant supplies must be as well-made as the implants themselves, which is why Surgikor places a premium on durability in everything we sell. Whether you’re looking for allograft materials or you need a Titanium Mini Screw Master or Bone Crester, we offer the industry standard in strength, materials and design.

Dental implantology is growing every year, and Surgikor has everything you need to stay ahead of the curve here in Los Angeles. To learn more about anything we sell, please don’t hesitate to speak with the dental implant supply professionals at our offices today.

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Where Can I Buy Dental Instruments?

Dental instruments come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from basic blades and disposables all the way up to dental surgery kits and motors. The smartest way to buy dental instruments is to invest in a shop that sells the full catalog under a single roof.

At Surgikor, we believe that every instrument in dental implant surgery matters equally, from gauze pads through 3D printed surgical guides. That’s why we take pains to ensure the broad-spectrum compliance of our products with every possible standard of purity, sterility and efficacy.

Look inside this store to discover why our bone grafting materials, collagen products and kits represent the finest options in oral surgery. When you’re ready to buy the best dental instruments in Los Angeles, we’re standing by for instant fulfillment.

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Better Dental Instruments for Your Dental Surgery Practice

Surgikor dental instruments are the best in the industry, which is why our customers tell us they wouldn’t order for anywhere else. Perhaps some of this loyalty is also due to our sterling customer service.

We are also part of a bigger trend toward investing in superior dental technologies. One recent study pegged the global market for dental instruments in the years ahead at an anticipated $8.45 billion:

Systems & parts was the largest product segment accounting for USD 2,206.2 million revenue of the overall market in 2013. High usage rates supported by increasing procedure volumes, is a key factor attributing to the segment’s growth.

Dental implantology is on the rise, and new procedures are constantly developing here and throughout the world. Surgikor proudly remains at the forefront of sales in Los Angeles and beyond, offering more and faster ways to buy dental instruments and ship them anywhere.

If you’re looking for sutures, blades, sinus lift kits, dental membranes, bone grafting materials, surgical instruments or anything else, contact the experts at Surgikor.

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Understanding Allograft Bone Grafts for Dental Surgery

Dental surgery involves a number of biological systems, from the bone and gums to the mucosa and muscles. Maintaining a sterile and stable work environment during procedures such as dental implantology can be a challenge without the proper materials in place. Bone grafting materials are essential to dental implant procedures for precisely this reason: they provide stability where it is sorely needed.

It is widely known that tooth loss can lead to bone loss. Dental implants require a sound base for drilling and implanting, which is why bone grafting materials may be required to set the staging area for the procedure. Different grafting materials have different properties, offering various levels of rigidity and porousness. Properly matching the graft to the job requires advanced training in the mechanics of dental implantology.

Allograft bone grafting materials are a common substance of choice for dental surgeons. These powdered products offer broad versatility in both shaping and packing, giving patients the best chance at increasing their strength and ingrowth before, during, and after the procedure.

Our allograft bone grafts give you the industry standard for quality and consistency. If your dental practice wants to supply patients with superior materials that will last a lifetime, Surgikor bone grafting materials are your best bet. Start here to order your own supply today.

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Dental Instruments Primer: Bone Grafting Material

Understanding the various categories of dental instruments is essential if you want to make wise investments for your practice. Oral surgeons tend to use a variety of blades, membranes and surgical guides in their work, and choosing the right tool for the job is the first important decision of any procedure.

When it comes to medical substances such as bone grafting materials, things can get a little confusing. What exactly is the difference between cortical cancellous and merely cancellous, and how should you determine which bone grafting kit to use for each dental implant case?

This website offers some detailed resources that explain the difference between different types of bone grafts, and offers a few basic guidelines about when each is likely to be indicated. Depending on the type of stability, bone growth and recovery you desire, you may even want to use two or more graft materials on different surgical sites within the same patient.

Start here to read about allograft bone grafting materials in Los Angeles, and feel free to contact us with any questions about the medical properties, advantages and distinctions of each type. When you’re ready to purchase, we’re standing by.

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Why You Need Membranes for Dental Surgery

Dental surgery is a unique combination of cosmetic and internal techniques. Much of the work that oral surgeons do happens out of sight – building up bone mass in the jaw, for instance, and preparing dental implant sites below the gumline. But ultimately the fruits of this labor will be on display every time your patient smiles.

That’s why healing in dental surgery is such an important part of the process. One of the most versatile tools in oral surgery is the membrane, a treated barrier that can help with blood loss, packing and recovery.

Surgikor is proud to be one of the foremost sources for dental surgery membranes in Los Angeles and Southern California. We offer a broad array of products to suit different needs, including Steriflex Bone Allografts, absorbable Helimend collagen barriers, and quick-rehydrating pericardium products.

If you want to protect your patients’ well-being and appearance with superior products, please browse our full catalog of dental surgery membranes today.

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Understanding Sinus Lift Kits

The sinus lift is a procedure that increases bone mass for future dental implant surgery. Although sinus lifts have become a common practice in many dental surgery circles, debates still continue about the very best way to design and execute procedures such as these.

The reasons a patient may need a sinus lift can depend on their needs and medical history, but some common ones include chronic tooth loss and bone loss due to gum disease. As Colgate’s website explains:

A sinus lift is done when there is not enough bone height in the upper jaw, or the sinuses are too close to the jaw, for dental implants to be placed.

Sinus lift kits include everything your oral surgeon or maxillofacial surgeon needs to complete the major steps of this process, including the insertion of bone grafting material within the opening in the jawbone. Good dental instruments make this process far easier to complete, especially since their dedicated shapes are purpose-built for sinus lift procedures.

To learn more about our sinus lift kits and how they can help your practice, contact the oral surgery experts at Surgikor today.

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Buy Dental Instruments for Safety

We know already that it’s important to buy the best dental instruments on the market. Having the right tools for the job is how to keep your practice humming and protect your patients from errors and infections.

Recently a news story underscored why this is such an important process. A dentist in the U.K. had been re-using dental equipment, putting many thousands of patients at risk of transmitted diseases. Needless to say, the appalled response was based upon legitimate concern for patient safety.

At Surgikor, we offer the finest dental instruments in Southern California. Each product in our convenient online shop has been created and tested to ensure total compliance with the strictest standards in medicine.

If you want to buy dental instruments that give your practice an edge and protect your patients’ health, contact Surgikor today.

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Dental Instruments 101: Membranes

Dental surgery membranes are some of the most versatile and widely used tools of the trade. Unlike scalpels and motors, dental membranes are common to nearly every procedure, helping oral surgeons with preparation, packing, recovery and stability.

Our dental membranes are broadly respected and embraced for their ease of use and superior performance. Whether you’re looking to buy a pericardium membrane for a dental implant procedure, or a HeliMend Collagen Membrane for use in oral surgery, we offer fast, reliable service.

Our dental surgery membranes are nonfriable, created from bovine tendon, and easy to deploy, and our popular pericardium membranes absorb into the body within a matter of weeks. To learn more and speak with the dental instruments experts today, please don’t hesitate to call Surgikor.

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How to Buy Dental Instruments: All in the Details

As one of the foremost dental instruments suppliers in Los Angeles, we offer a number of high-end products including motors, kits and bone grafting materials. Many of our customers come to us because the Surgikor brand is widely regarded for its quality and service. But it’s not uncommon for dental professionals to forget that we also offer a number of small-ticket items that every oral surgeon needs.

Take a look around this site and you’ll notice that our online shop includes special sections for blades, disposables, adhesives and more. Although these items come in bulk and cost very little, they can mean the difference between comprehensive preparation and a missed surgical opportunity.

If you run a busy dental surgery practice and want to buy the best dental instruments in California, please contact one of our sales representatives about setting up an ongoing purchase order. With Surgikor as a partner, you can keep your practice safe, sterile and busy for many years to come.

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Implant Surgery and Holistic Dentistry

Several of you sent in this recent piece from the Los Angeles Times, describing a growing trend toward holistic dentistry. The field and its lexicon are still fairly new, but the philosophy is as old as time:

Holistic dentists fill cavities, clean teeth and make bridges and implants. But they also are rooted in the concept that when treating teeth, you must consider the entire body — diet, lifestyle, mental and emotional health. Most also seek to use technology that minimizes exposure to harmful chemicals — for the patient, staff and doctor, as well as the environment.

In other words, this is dental care that extends beyond the office and into lifestyle choices that could serve you for many years. Although some of its bedrock tenants remain controversial within the field (no fluoride, e.g.), others just make common sense. More importantly, the field of holistic dentistry is helping raise awareness about the value of high-quality, organic dental surgery materials.

To purchase some of the finest products in oral surgery for your patients’ health, contact Surgikor today.