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Dental Instruments 101: Membranes

Dental surgery membranes are some of the most versatile and widely used tools of the trade. Unlike scalpels and motors, dental membranes are common to nearly every procedure, helping oral surgeons with preparation, packing, recovery and stability.

Our dental membranes are broadly respected and embraced for their ease of use and superior performance. Whether you’re looking to buy a pericardium membrane for a dental implant procedure, or a HeliMend Collagen Membrane for use in oral surgery, we offer fast, reliable service.

Our dental surgery membranes are nonfriable, created from bovine tendon, and easy to deploy, and our popular pericardium membranes absorb into the body within a matter of weeks. To learn more and speak with the dental instruments experts today, please don’t hesitate to call Surgikor.

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Implant Surgery and Holistic Dentistry

Several of you sent in this recent piece from the Los Angeles Times, describing a growing trend toward holistic dentistry. The field and its lexicon are still fairly new, but the philosophy is as old as time:

Holistic dentists fill cavities, clean teeth and make bridges and implants. But they also are rooted in the concept that when treating teeth, you must consider the entire body — diet, lifestyle, mental and emotional health. Most also seek to use technology that minimizes exposure to harmful chemicals — for the patient, staff and doctor, as well as the environment.

In other words, this is dental care that extends beyond the office and into lifestyle choices that could serve you for many years. Although some of its bedrock tenants remain controversial within the field (no fluoride, e.g.), others just make common sense. More importantly, the field of holistic dentistry is helping raise awareness about the value of high-quality, organic dental surgery materials.

To purchase some of the finest products in oral surgery for your patients’ health, contact Surgikor today.

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Buy Dental Instruments with Our Comprehensive Catalog

The Web is a great way to research and buy what you need. But although we have taken pains to make this site as easily navigable as possible – including quick links to popular categories such as bone grafting materials and dental pericardium – there is no substitute for the convenience of a classic paper catalog.

That’s why we have provided a PDF version of our wildly popular paper catalog here. You can browse on the screen or print it out and flip the pages, perusing some of the finest dental instruments in the world at whatever pace suits you.

Our catalog of dental surgical tools includes high-resolution photographs and an easy table of contents to keep you moving forward. Best of all, it’s downloadable for reference throughout the year – a perfect resource when your dental practice needs to buy new dental surgery supplies.

Still have questions about our products? Contact Surgikor today.