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Implant Surgery and Holistic Dentistry

Several of you sent in this recent piece from the Los Angeles Times, describing a growing trend toward holistic dentistry. The field and its lexicon are still fairly new, but the philosophy is as old as time:

Holistic dentists fill cavities, clean teeth and make bridges and implants. But they also are rooted in the concept that when treating teeth, you must consider the entire body — diet, lifestyle, mental and emotional health. Most also seek to use technology that minimizes exposure to harmful chemicals — for the patient, staff and doctor, as well as the environment.

In other words, this is dental care that extends beyond the office and into lifestyle choices that could serve you for many years. Although some of its bedrock tenants remain controversial within the field (no fluoride, e.g.), others just make common sense. More importantly, the field of holistic dentistry is helping raise awareness about the value of high-quality, organic dental surgery materials.

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