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Dental Instruments Primer: Bone Grafting Material

Understanding the various categories of dental instruments is essential if you want to make wise investments for your practice. Oral surgeons tend to use a variety of blades, membranes and surgical guides in their work, and choosing the right tool for the job is the first important decision of any procedure.

When it comes to medical substances such as bone grafting materials, things can get a little confusing. What exactly is the difference between cortical cancellous and merely cancellous, and how should you determine which bone grafting kit to use for each dental implant case?

This website offers some detailed resources that explain the difference between different types of bone grafts, and offers a few basic guidelines about when each is likely to be indicated. Depending on the type of stability, bone growth and recovery you desire, you may even want to use two or more graft materials on different surgical sites within the same patient.

Start here to read about allograft bone grafting materials in Los Angeles, and feel free to contact us with any questions about the medical properties, advantages and distinctions of each type. When you’re ready to purchase, we’re standing by.

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