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Understanding Sinus Lift Kits

The sinus lift is a procedure that increases bone mass for future dental implant surgery. Although sinus lifts have become a common practice in many dental surgery circles, debates still continue about the very best way to design and execute procedures such as these.

The reasons a patient may need a sinus lift can depend on their needs and medical history, but some common ones include chronic tooth loss and bone loss due to gum disease. As Colgate’s website explains:

A sinus lift is done when there is not enough bone height in the upper jaw, or the sinuses are too close to the jaw, for dental implants to be placed.

Sinus lift kits include everything your oral surgeon or maxillofacial surgeon needs to complete the major steps of this process, including the insertion of bone grafting material within the opening in the jawbone. Good dental instruments make this process far easier to complete, especially since their dedicated shapes are purpose-built for sinus lift procedures.

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