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Why You Need Membranes for Dental Surgery

Dental surgery is a unique combination of cosmetic and internal techniques. Much of the work that oral surgeons do happens out of sight – building up bone mass in the jaw, for instance, and preparing dental implant sites below the gumline. But ultimately the fruits of this labor will be on display every time your patient smiles.

That’s why healing in dental surgery is such an important part of the process. One of the most versatile tools in oral surgery is the membrane, a treated barrier that can help with blood loss, packing and recovery.

Surgikor is proud to be one of the foremost sources for dental surgery membranes in Los Angeles and Southern California. We offer a broad array of products to suit different needs, including Steriflex Bone Allografts, absorbable Helimend collagen barriers, and quick-rehydrating pericardium products.

If you want to protect your patients’ well-being and appearance with superior products, please browse our full catalog of dental surgery membranes today.