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Better Dental Instruments for Your Dental Surgery Practice

Surgikor dental instruments are the best in the industry, which is why our customers tell us they wouldn’t order for anywhere else. Perhaps some of this loyalty is also due to our sterling customer service.

We are also part of a bigger trend toward investing in superior dental technologies. One recent study pegged the global market for dental instruments in the years ahead at an anticipated $8.45 billion:

Systems & parts was the largest product segment accounting for USD 2,206.2 million revenue of the overall market in 2013. High usage rates supported by increasing procedure volumes, is a key factor attributing to the segment’s growth.

Dental implantology is on the rise, and new procedures are constantly developing here and throughout the world. Surgikor proudly remains at the forefront of sales in Los Angeles and beyond, offering more and faster ways to buy dental instruments and ship them anywhere.

If you’re looking for sutures, blades, sinus lift kits, dental membranes, bone grafting materials, surgical instruments or anything else, contact the experts at Surgikor.

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Osteome Kits for Dental Implant Surgery

At Surgikor, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for all things related to dental implant surgery. This means we cover the full product line from high-end motors to the most inexpensive pads and blades. It also means we sell some specialty kits you can’t find anywhere else.

Our osteome kits come in two varieties: the Straight Osteotome Kit, and the Angled Osteotome Kit. Which one you choose is largely a matter of preference: different oral surgeons prefer different dental instruments, and sometimes the geometry of the surgical site will dictate which tool is right for the job.

All of our osteome kits are made to precise allowances and include long ips, convenient depth stops, and clear markings to aid you in surgery. Depending on the surgical site and quality of the bone, you could even use multiple osteome attachments in a single procedure.

Expanding bone cavities and preparing them for dental implants is delicate and essential work. For the very best results, check out the Surgikor osteome kits on sale today.

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Dental Pericardium Explained

Just below this blog is a fine study that shows just how effective collagen products can be in postoperative care for patients whose teeth have been pulled. This post offers a look at a similar membrane for dental surgery: pericardium.

Pericardium is a long-lasting membrane, which is precisely what you want when the site in question will be healing for months. Because it is a cell-occlusive matrix, pericardium actually helps the body to heal, revascularize, and ultimately regrow stable bone tissue.

Pericardium products are pliant membranes, meaning that they can be draped, fitted and otherwise sculpted to meet the particular geometric demands of a given site. This helps to create far more solid and secure barriers than you would get from packing materials, or from relying on the body’s own tissue. Wonderfully when four to six months are up, the pericardium dissolves completely, leaving behind a healed surgery site without adverse effects.

To learn more about our broad selection of bone grafting materials, collagen products or pericardium products, please visit the Surgikor store today.