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Dental Pericardium Explained

Just below this blog is a fine study that shows just how effective collagen products can be in postoperative care for patients whose teeth have been pulled. This post offers a look at a similar membrane for dental surgery: pericardium.

Pericardium is a long-lasting membrane, which is precisely what you want when the site in question will be healing for months. Because it is a cell-occlusive matrix, pericardium actually helps the body to heal, revascularize, and ultimately regrow stable bone tissue.

Pericardium products are pliant membranes, meaning that they can be draped, fitted and otherwise sculpted to meet the particular geometric demands of a given site. This helps to create far more solid and secure barriers than you would get from packing materials, or from relying on the body’s own tissue. Wonderfully when four to six months are up, the pericardium dissolves completely, leaving behind a healed surgery site without adverse effects.

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The Power of Collagen in Socket Grafting

At Surgikor, we proudly offer a wide array of bone grafting materials and surgical allografts. The list includes everything from cortical cancellous grafting material to pericardium and collagen membranes.

This article helps explain why collagen remains one of the most trusted materials in medicine, describing its role in socket grafting and the healing process:

Socket grafting is one of the most frequently performed procedures in oral surgery. After a tooth is pulled, the tooth socket in the jawbone where the tooth had been anchored can rapidly shrink and make it impossible to place a dental implant. To prevent this, the surgeon fills the hole with a bone grafting material that combines with the natural bone to rebuild or preserve the bone’s strength. A barrier membrane, such as porcine collagen, can keep the gum from growing into the space.

Unsurprisingly, a recent study designed to examine the improvement in patients with the use of a membrane such as collagen found that the collagen made a tremendous impact:

Computerized tomographic scans showed that bone density quickly developed with the combination of socket grafting material and the barrier membrane. This meant that the grafting material was well integrated into the jawbone. All of the treated sites healed well, and no bone particles were lost as the sockets healed.

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