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Understanding Dental Instruments

Here at Surgikor, we specialize in supplying dental instruments for implant surgery and other common procedures. Although we have done our best to make this site lucid and informative, there remains a threshold level of knowledge you simply must possess to browse our products with confidence.

If you visit our online dental instruments store, you’ll see a few “callout” links down the lefthand side of the page. These organize the products and help you zero in on the best choices for your practice. The list includes some common terms such as
“sutures,” along with some more advanced categories such as “collagen products.”

Two of the categories comprise the bulk of our business: “bone grafting,” and “surgical instruments.” Of these, bone grafting may be the most important, as we continue to draw queries nationwide due to our national reputation for superior products such as dental allografts and cortical and cancellous options.

Our collagen products draw similarly high interest, not least because they are designed and packaged to the very highest standards in the industry, and because a growing number of oral surgeons depend on these products to help with healing and aftercare for dental implant procedures.

To learn more about any of the products you see on our page, please don’t hesitate to shop for our dental instruments and read the detailed descriptions on every page. When you’re ready to contact us, we’ll be here.

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Cortical Cancellous Bone Grafts 101

As one of the premier providers of bone grafting material for oral surgery in Los Angeles, we spend a good amount of time answering questions about these materials. One of the most common questions that arises from dental professionals covers the specific functions of each bone graft type, especially the different indications for cortical and cancellous allografts.

This article offers a quick primer on the difference between these materials, and why each confers a separate benefit for both the surgeon and the patient:

Some bone grafts are needed for structural support. A hard bone (cortical bone), such as the tibia or a rib, is used for this purpose. This type of bone is slow to incorporate. It will last a long time, even years, before it is replaced by new bone growth.

Some bone grafts are needed for osteogenesis. This type of graft requires a spongy bone (cancellous bone), which triggers new bone growth more quickly and is often obtained from the iliac crest. While it possesses no structural integrity, this bone material obtains growth either by supplying living cells or by chemically triggering the growth of new cells by the host.

Cortical cancellous grafts offer the best of both worlds – rigid stability that still promotes osteogenesis. It is a versatile substance that many oral surgeons count on for hybrid tasks.

To learn more about how our cortical cancellous bone grafting materials can help your dental practice thrive, please check out our full catalog of dental surgery products today.

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The Power of Collagen in Socket Grafting

At Surgikor, we proudly offer a wide array of bone grafting materials and surgical allografts. The list includes everything from cortical cancellous grafting material to pericardium and collagen membranes.

This article helps explain why collagen remains one of the most trusted materials in medicine, describing its role in socket grafting and the healing process:

Socket grafting is one of the most frequently performed procedures in oral surgery. After a tooth is pulled, the tooth socket in the jawbone where the tooth had been anchored can rapidly shrink and make it impossible to place a dental implant. To prevent this, the surgeon fills the hole with a bone grafting material that combines with the natural bone to rebuild or preserve the bone’s strength. A barrier membrane, such as porcine collagen, can keep the gum from growing into the space.

Unsurprisingly, a recent study designed to examine the improvement in patients with the use of a membrane such as collagen found that the collagen made a tremendous impact:

Computerized tomographic scans showed that bone density quickly developed with the combination of socket grafting material and the barrier membrane. This meant that the grafting material was well integrated into the jawbone. All of the treated sites healed well, and no bone particles were lost as the sockets healed.

To learn more about how you can get your hands on the most effective collagen products in the dental industry, check out our full online store today.

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Get the Facts on Allograft Bone Grafts, Collagen Products and More

Here at Surgikor, we are constantly looking for new ways to provide valuable information. We’re currently rewriting each of our product descriptions to help you find exactly which dental instruments you need, and we frequently post videos to teach our clients about those products.

The link to our video page is here; it includes plenty of how-tos and background information for dental surgery tools of every sort, including this popular bone expander kit:

To learn more about everything from cortical cancellous bone grafts to pericardium products, feel free to browse our complete collection of dental instruments today.

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The Exploding Market for Bone Grafting Material

It has long been known that dental bone grafting has made significant inroads over legacy techniques such as dentures. Bone grafting represents a more permanent approach, with fewer complications and vastly improved convenience.

Now a new report underlines just how quickly this industry is growing:

The global dental bone graft substitutes and other biomaterials market was valued at USD 0.46 billion in 2013 and is expected to grow at a Compounded Annual growth Rate of 10.6% during the forecast period 2014 to 2020 to reach a market value of USD 0.88 billion by 2020.

There has never been a better time to outfit your dental practice to meet this exploding demand.

At Surgikor, we are proud to offer some of the world’s finest bone grafting materials, allograft bone grafts, cortical cancellous bone grafts and more. Check out our full selection to learn more about our popular products. And when you’re ready to purchase, don’t hesitate to ask the dental instrument experts at Surgikor today.

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Dental Implant Inventor Dies

A pioneer in the field of dental implants passed away this month. Dr. Per-Ingvar Branemark died in Sweden from an apparent heart attack at the age of 85.

Renowned for his work in dental surgery, bone grafting materials and dental implantology, Dr. Branemark discovered more or less by accident that the body doesn’t reject titanium as it does most materials. This discovery soon led him to develop the first modern dental implants.

As the New York Times put it, Branemark’s invention has helped many millions of people lead more productive and comfortable lives:

Implants have been a major advance in dentistry, liberating millions of elderly people from painful, ill-fitting dentures, a diet of soft foods and the ignominy of a sneeze that sends false teeth flying out of the mouth.

And the spread of Branemark’s dental anchor system soon led to a new secondary industry for dental materials, including Allograft bone grafts, cortical cancellous bone grafts, collagen products and many more. It wasn’t long before Branemark’s breakthrough was felt throughout all of medicine:

Titanium implants have spread well beyond dentistry: Osseointegration is now used in medical and veterinary applications.

At Surgikor, we proudly offer hundreds of products for use in bone grafts and dental surgery. To get started with some of the finest dental instruments in the nation, visit our shopping pages today.