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Understanding Dental Instruments

Here at Surgikor, we specialize in supplying dental instruments for implant surgery and other common procedures. Although we have done our best to make this site lucid and informative, there remains a threshold level of knowledge you simply must possess to browse our products with confidence.

If you visit our online dental instruments store, you’ll see a few “callout” links down the lefthand side of the page. These organize the products and help you zero in on the best choices for your practice. The list includes some common terms such as
“sutures,” along with some more advanced categories such as “collagen products.”

Two of the categories comprise the bulk of our business: “bone grafting,” and “surgical instruments.” Of these, bone grafting may be the most important, as we continue to draw queries nationwide due to our national reputation for superior products such as dental allografts and cortical and cancellous options.

Our collagen products draw similarly high interest, not least because they are designed and packaged to the very highest standards in the industry, and because a growing number of oral surgeons depend on these products to help with healing and aftercare for dental implant procedures.

To learn more about any of the products you see on our page, please don’t hesitate to shop for our dental instruments and read the detailed descriptions on every page. When you’re ready to contact us, we’ll be here.