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Better Cortical Cancellous Bone Grafts

At Surgikor, we place a premium on cancellous bone grafting material that meets the very highest standards – and offers your practice the lowest possible price.

This quick primer gives you all the information you need to understand and explain the biology behind cancellous bone grafts, beginning with a definition of cancellous bone, which is the spongier tissue inside the ends of most adult long bones:

The structure of the cancellous bone can be likened to a honeycomb that consists of interconnecting spaces containing the bone marrow. […] The marrow of cancellous bone tissue supplies osteoprogenitor cells that help in the formation and growth of new bone. Thus, bone grafts composed of cancellous bone are sometimes used in grafting procedures to promote osteogenesis.

Cancellous bone tissue is essential to many procedures in dental surgery which require the growth of new bone tissue. To learn more about our allograft bone grafts and the details of cortical cancellous materials for use in your practice, contact the dental surgery experts today.