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Cancellous Bone Grafting Material on Sale

If you have spent any time on this site, you know that we place a premium on providing quality bone grafting materials for dental professionals. These include cortical, cancellous, and several variations on both – everything a dental practice needs to promote bone growth, jaw stability and effective healing.

This month we have a special promotion: You can buy any four boxes and get one more free of Cancellous 0.5cc and Cancellous 2.0cc. For any dental practice that goes through a lot of these high-quality products, saving cash up front at purchase can be a great way to slash your costs and improve ROI for every procedure you perform.

Check out the full descriptions of both products, and click here to learn more about how bone grafting materials from a reputable dental instruments supplier can improve your results. When you’re ready to purchase, just start here.