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Allograft Bone Grafting Products Earn a Boost from FDA

As one of the nation’s foremost outlets for allograft bone grafting materials, we keep a close eye on how these premium products are being discussed in the medical community. Which is why it was edifying to see allograft materials highlighted in this recent news story on the FDA’s recommendations for younger patients:

The FDA suggested that health care professionals treating patients <18 years consider the use of alternatives, such as autograft bone, allograft bone, and bone graft substitutes that do not contain recombinant proteins or synthetic peptides. The FDA said providers who deem a bone graft substitute containing recombinant proteins and synthetic peptides as the best or only treatment option should inform the underage patient and his or her parents or guardians about the risks associated with the product, as well as closely monitor the patient for adverse events.

At issue is the use of recombinant proteins and artificial (synthetic) peptides, which may not heal or bond as well within younger mouths.

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