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The Business of Dental Surgery

One of the interesting things about being a premiere dental surgery equipment provider is that we are privy to a number of discussions about dental surgeons’ business plans. Sourcing and securing bone grafting materials, sinus lift machines and other equipment takes a savvy eye and an experienced hand, and a big part of what we do everyday is simply try to satisfy your budgets.

This recent article offers some good advice about the business of dentistry, and how you can find and retain clients without breaking the bank. This passage is especially well taken:

“If you spend time with your patient explaining the pros and cons of various treatments — composites versus amalgams, versus inlays, versus gold, versus hybrid resins, versus ceramics, versus implants … you give them an hour lecture on the importance of bone grafting, they’re not buying,” he said.

Humans do not buy based on data, they buy based on emotion, Dr. Krieger said. . . . Dr. Krieger said if he can’t sell a case in about a minute, the patient isn’t going to buy it no matter what he says.

Lucid communication, great staff work, and a commitment to fine dental surgery are the cornerstones of a successful practice. And that means using the right tools for the job, and being able to explain why they’re the best.

Our industry-standard bone grafting materials, pericardium and other surgical technologies come with clear and concise explanation to help you make your case. To keep your practice humming along with satisfied patients, stick with Surgikor.