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The Business of Dental Surgery

One of the interesting things about being a premiere dental surgery equipment provider is that we are privy to a number of discussions about dental surgeons’ business plans. Sourcing and securing bone grafting materials, sinus lift machines and other equipment takes a savvy eye and an experienced hand, and a big part of what we do everyday is simply try to satisfy your budgets.

This recent article offers some good advice about the business of dentistry, and how you can find and retain clients without breaking the bank. This passage is especially well taken:

“If you spend time with your patient explaining the pros and cons of various treatments — composites versus amalgams, versus inlays, versus gold, versus hybrid resins, versus ceramics, versus implants … you give them an hour lecture on the importance of bone grafting, they’re not buying,” he said.

Humans do not buy based on data, they buy based on emotion, Dr. Krieger said. . . . Dr. Krieger said if he can’t sell a case in about a minute, the patient isn’t going to buy it no matter what he says.

Lucid communication, great staff work, and a commitment to fine dental surgery are the cornerstones of a successful practice. And that means using the right tools for the job, and being able to explain why they’re the best.

Our industry-standard bone grafting materials, pericardium and other surgical technologies come with clear and concise explanation to help you make your case. To keep your practice humming along with satisfied patients, stick with Surgikor.

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Another Great Forecast for Bone Grafting Materials

Industry insiders have once again peered into their crystal balls and come away convinced that the market for dental bone grafting materials remains rosy. Industry forecasts show a steady gain in demand for biocompatible dental surgery materials, with the full sales figure projected to nearly double in the coming five years:

[T]he global dental bone graft substitutes and other biomaterials market, which stood at US$0.46 billion in 2013, is estimated to expand at a CAGR of 10.6% over the period from 2014 to 2020, reaching an overall market value of US$0.88 million by 2020.

As one of the nation’s foremost providers of allografts, pericardium and other grafting substances, Surgikor is proud to stand at the forefront of a field which continues to gain acclaim and acceptance.

If you’d like to get your hands on cortical cancellous bone grafts, collagen products or any other grafting materials, please be sure to visit our Los Angeles dental surgery supply store today.

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How to Find Superior Bone Grafting Material

Looking for outstanding bone grafting material, and wondering how to choose? There are, after all, several competing national brands for grafting materials, and generally speaking they all meet the standard guidelines for sterility, purity, bioavailability and so on.

One thing that may help is to look closely at each vendor and determine whether they work exclusively in dental surgery supplies or not. At Surgikor, we are proud to offer not just allograft and cortical cancellous bone grafts, but a wide variety of dental instruments such as sinus lift instruments, scalpels, drills and more.

Dental surgery is our stock in trade. That means that every time you order bone grafting material from Surgikor, you are working with a dedicated expert in the field you know best.

To learn more about our selection of bone grafting kits, including pericardium and collagen products, contact us today.

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Pericardium Products for Your Dental Practice

Creating a stable site for dental surgery is a job for which pericardium is uniquely well-suited. As a strong, secure, pliant and sterile scaffold for bone grafting materials, pericardium helps dental professionals sculpt bone regeneration sites that can withstand many months of healing.

At Surgikor, we offer the finest pericardium products in California, vetted and tested by our vendors to ensure that every membrane meets the highest standards. These products are biocompatible and naturally absorbable, helping to ensure that postoperative care goes smoothly, and that few procedures ever require revision.

To learn more about Heli products such as HeliMend, HeliCote and HeliTape, feel free to browse our wide selection of dental surgery membranes here.