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How to Find Superior Bone Grafting Material

Looking for outstanding bone grafting material, and wondering how to choose? There are, after all, several competing national brands for grafting materials, and generally speaking they all meet the standard guidelines for sterility, purity, bioavailability and so on.

One thing that may help is to look closely at each vendor and determine whether they work exclusively in dental surgery supplies or not. At Surgikor, we are proud to offer not just allograft and cortical cancellous bone grafts, but a wide variety of dental instruments such as sinus lift instruments, scalpels, drills and more.

Dental surgery is our stock in trade. That means that every time you order bone grafting material from Surgikor, you are working with a dedicated expert in the field you know best.

To learn more about our selection of bone grafting kits, including pericardium and collagen products, contact us today.

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