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Collagen Membranes for Dental Surgery

At Surgikor, we spend a lot of time keeping up to date on the very latest developments in dental implant surgery, general oral surgery, and the tools and techniques of bone grafting.

This page caught our eye because it offers a clear description of how barrier membranes are used during oral surgery, and where the materials come from that help oral surgeons to aid bone regeneration without fear of infection or complications.

Because collagen membranes are absorbable, they make aftercare much simpler, continuing to aid in healing and bone stabilization for many weeks without any need for additional visits:

Collagen absorbable barrier membranes do not require surgical removal, inhibit migration of epithelial cells, promote the attachment of new connective tissue, are not strongly antigenic and prevent blood loss by promoting platelet aggregation leading to early clot formation and wound stabilization.

Our collagen membranes for dental surgery meet strict standards for quality, consistency and sterility. If your practice requires safe and reliable barrier membranes for use in surgical techniques including dental implantology, please browse our online dental surgery store today.

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Allograft Dental Bone Grafts Require Soft Tissue Expertise

One of the interesting aspects of dental implantology and bone grafting is soft tissue aesthetics and restoration. As dental surgeons gain more expertise in this discipline, patients increasingly expect a seamless look when the procedure is complete.

This recent article addresses some of the remaining milestones in soft tissue technique, and explores the state of the process today. The researchers’ conclusion is appropriately positive, given how far we have come:

Our treatment modalities have evolved from socket compression post-extraction, to socket preservation with an aim to enhance the eventual peri-implant soft tissue . . .With newer research modalities, such as cyto-detachment technology, and cutting-edge bioengineering solutions (possibly a soft-tissue-implant construct) which might be available in the near future for enhancing soft tissue, we are certainly in an exciting era in dentistry.

If you’d like to deliver outstanding results both medically and cosmetically, you’ll need to work with the proper materials. Check here for our industry-leading allograft bone grafting kits, including collagen products, plugs, membranes and more.